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Student Loan Default Rates in Oregon

The US Department of Education has released the 2016 Cohort Default Rates, and it's always an interesting data set to play with, as it contains three years of data each time it's released.

This year's data is no exception, and I've taken the liberty of visualizing it to make it easy to get to the information, and to dive down deeper if you want.  But first, you may want to take a look at the website and read about what, exactly, is being measured.  Here's a detailed description of how these numbers are calculated, and you can take a look at the whole online publication here if you'd prefer.

It's also important to take a look at these as part input, part output.  That is, going to a particular college does not cause a student to default; some colleges (especially some for-profit institutions) enroll students with considerably less academic preparation who are less likely to graduate in the first place, and thus may end up with no degree and no suitable job to pay the loans back.

I've started this view looking just at Oregon institutions, and just public and private, not-for-profit institutions.  You can use the filters to change the view to whatever works for you.  On the left, you can see each college's default rates for the past three years (color coded by year).  On the right, you can see the three-year weighted average, sorted from high to low.

I hope you enjoy looking at the data Out Here in Oregon.