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Migration of Oregon Students Over Time

I have always found migration patterns in freshman data to be interesting, just as much as the resulting patterns of composition of a freshman class.  I've done larger national looks before, but this data is from just Oregon colleges and universities (on some views) and just on Oregon students (in others.)

A caveat: This is only for students who chose to attend a four-year public or private, not-for-profit college within 12 months of high school graduation.  I've looked at community college and for-profit data before, and it's just as you'd expect: Almost all in-state, and probably almost all local, although you can't tell with much granularity from this data.

There are five views here, using the tabs across the top:

The first tab shows Oregon colleges and universities, and the percentage of freshmen from any single state in any single year.  If you want to know about enrollment of Minnesota students in Oregon colleges in 2012, a few clicks of the controls get you there.

The second tab shows a single college and a single state over time.  The starting view includes Lewis and Clark College, and students from Washington.  Choose a college, and choose a state, and see how the patterns of enrollment have changed, if they have.

The third view is a rough cut: Oregon institutions, with freshmen broken out by residents and non-residents.  Just choose a year you're interested in.

The last two views show Oregon high school graduates, and their destinations. On the first of these (the fourth tab) you can make multiple selections: Year, college control, college region, and whether the college is in Oregon or somewhere else. (Of course, if you try to choose Idaho colleges in Oregon, you'll be out of luck, so be careful with the selections.)

And finally, the fifth tab will help you see macro patterns of Oregon residents going to four-year colleges: How many and what percentage go to college in Oregon, in the region, or outside the region.

Any surprises?  Shockers.  Let me know.  We're looking at this information Out Here in Oregon.